Eye Disease

Dr. Burnop and Dr. Morris are trained and experienced to treat a variety of eye disorders and diseases. They routinely treat pink eye, infections, inflammations, allergies, styes, injuries, abrasions, foreign bodies, and glaucoma. Additionally, they conduct diabetic eye exams and report findings to your primary care physician.

Should an eye health emergency arise, we encourage you to contact our office immediately. We can work you into our schedule and provide prompt care and treatment plan to expedite your recovery. As trained eye care specialists, we are equipped with the proper instruments and experience to treat your concern most efficiently.

In the event that you may require sub-specialty care or surgical intervention, our team works in conjunction with the most experienced and respected sub-specialty and surgical ophthalmologists in the region. We ensure that the transition of care is prompt and professional and we communicate directly with the physicians to coordinate your pre and post-operative care.

eye disease

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