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At Royal Oak Eye Care, we maintain a large inventory of quality spectacle frames. We offer budget line frames as well as designer frames. All of our frames have a one year limited warranty.

Lens technologies

Our goal is to provide you with precise vision that will exceed the demands of your busy lifestyle. Our team diligently works alongside Dr. Burnop and Dr. Morris to design lenses that will satisfy your vision requirements. We will discuss and explain lens styles and features in a way that is easy to understand and help you make the best decision that fits your lifestyle and budget. The following are lens technologies available to our customers:

  • Distortion-free single vision and multifocal lens designs
  • Digitally-surfaced single vision and multifocal lenses
  • Premium progressive "no-line" multifocals
  • Thinner, lightweight, and impact resistant lenses
  • Lenses that adjust their tint depending on the lighting conditions (Transitions®)
  • No-glare, anti-fog, UV protection and specialty tinting
  • Scratch-resistant lenses
  • Computer eyewear
  • Safety eyewear
  • Sports vision
  • Specialty sunwear

Contact lenses

We are excited to offer our patients a wide array of contact lens options including the newest advances in lens modalities such as daily disposable, extended wear, and disposable multifocal designs. At Royal Oak Eye Care, we are fortunate to offer you the latest technology in contact lenses and contact lens care plans. In customizing your management plan to meet your vision requirements, we work with the leading contact lens manufacturers and maintain a large selection of soft contact lens trials in stock. Furthermore, Dr. Burnop is well known for his ability to fit specialty and hard-to-fit lenses and often receives referrals from other professionals, including ophthalmologists.

Your contact lens evaluation will begin with a thorough evaluation of your vision and ocular health. We will also discuss your leisure time activities and your occupational vision needs. Dr. Burnop will integrate this information in developing your contact lenses management plan that will afford you the best possible visual experience.

Initially, you will be fit with a set of trial contact lenses. If you’ve never worn contact lenses before, we understand that it will take some encouragement, training, and practice to master handling and caring for your lenses. Our experienced team will work with you in a private, comfortable, and individualized training session and will spend as much time with you as required. There is no pressure and we want the experience to be exciting and rewarding.

After wearing your trial lenses for two weeks, you will return for a follow-up appointment where we will check the fit of your lenses, and the health of your eyes while wearing the lenses. At this visit, we will review your progress and modify any part of your management plan as necessary to maximize your vision and contact lens experience.

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