A study, released in the August issue of Neurology, shows researchers in Seoul, Korea have possibly determined a correlation between the thinning of the retina and Parkinson’s disease. The study, which evaluated 50 people with the average age of 69 were able to determine that those with Parkinson’s had an average innermost retina thickness of 35 micrometers while those without had an average thickness of 37 micrometers.

The scan was completed with a high resolution scan that takes light waves of each layer of the retina. From there, they were able to measure the thickness of the retina layer. Larger studies are needed to confirm the finding, but the results are both interesting and promising.

Being able to a long-range test that can determine Parkinson’s would be amazing as it would allow for treatment to slow the progression. As always, your eye health is a critical indicator of your overall health. For more questions about your eyes, contact our team.